How do I delete a Flyp phone number?

We understand. Sometimes your circumstances change. Sometimes you need to start a new life...or leave behind an old one. Dumping your phone number can be part of that journey.

To delete a Flyp phone number, you must terminate your subscription directly through the iTunes Store or Google Play Store as they limit what we are able to do with your account. Although we cannot cancel the subscription for you, here are step by step instructions on how to cancel the subscription:

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

If you continue to have issues, email for additional help.

Once a Flyp number has been removed, it cannot be recovered. The number will go away – and all your data with it.


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    Denise Stokes

    This doesn't work for me because Flyp isn't listed in the above referenced subscription area - it's being billed to my Mastercard. How do I cancel it if it isn't listed?

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    I have tried refreshing the app and have worked through the steps above to delete and terminate my subscription through itunes. Neither has worked. I have tried to delete the app entirely, but when I download the app and enter my base phone number, the same non-functioning number appears. I don't see any way to rid myself of this non-functioning number.

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